See how Duolingo changed the game for this French teacher.

Nadia, a Canadian teacher, wrote to us about how she started using Duolingo with her students. The results amazed her.

How would using Duolingo in your class benefit your students?

I currently assign 8 to 16 hours (based on skill level) of Duolingo as a summer review activity and the growth that I've seen in my students language abilities over the past three summers, since I've started assigning Duolingo, is amazing! It's the best results I've seen in my 23 years of teaching.

I would love to have students use Duolingo periodically during the school year. I have taken students to our computer lab to use Duolingo and have found that students prefer to interact with their peers,, and have come to expect that personal interaction during my class.. They do not want to spend the entire 50 minute class period down in the computer lab sitting in front of a computer. On the other hand, a random 10 to 20 minute break playing Duolingo would be a welcome change of pace. I want to incorporate Duolingo into my classroom as: random 10 to 15 minute warmups, breaks from the normal classroom routine, a learning station and as a means for further independent study. This is why I would love to have iPads for student use. From independent study to team competitions, and introduction to review, the possibilities are endless. This would be such a wonderful opportunity for all of my students.

Paula Hutsell
Spanish Teacher
Brookville High School