See how Duolingo changed the game for this French teacher.

Nadia, a Canadian teacher, wrote to us about how she started using Duolingo with her students. The results amazed her.

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Cranston High School East, Cranston, RI

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The diverse student population at Cranston High School East take responsibility for their education and growth. They are active learners who participate in a variety of learning experiences in our classrooms, playing fields, art programs, and community engagements. Our school works with over 1,500 students who live and breathe BOLTS PRIDE. They believe in balance, order, leadership, tradition, and spirit while displaying perseverance, respect, integrity, diversity, and excellence.
Currently, the amount of technology available to classrooms is lacking. With a large population of students, there is only one computer lab in the library that is open for teachers to bring their students to during class time. My classroom, along with others, is in a separate building away from the main building where the computer lab is located. The library's computer lab hosts other classrooms who take priority for scheduled district-wide testing. This makes it a challenge to incorporate technology into my foreign language classroom. With the class size at maximum capacity, we often rely on students' cell phones. Problems occur when students do not own a cell phone, their battery is dead, they misuse the device for other personal reasons, or the WIFI connection is lost and students have to use their data which they don't always have available.
Having technology available in the classroom will enhance students' academic success in foreign language. If selected, the students at Cranston High School East would be able to use the iPads for foreign language practice on Duolingo and Quizlet, research projects, and FaceTime or video chats with Spanish-speaking classrooms in other countries around the world. These are only a few of the learning strategies that the students would have experience with if given this opportunity. Not only would this contest benefit the students in my classroom, but also the other foreign language teachers and their students.