See how Duolingo changed the game for this French teacher.

Nadia, a Canadian teacher, wrote to us about how she started using Duolingo with her students. The results amazed her.

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How would using Duolingo in your class benefit your students?

Using Duolingo in my class helps my students to learn while allowing them to move at their own pace with a fun and interactive learning experience. Duolingo reinforces my rigorous curriculum as well as the students’ previously learned skills. Simultaneously Duolingo allows my students the ability to track their progress and take charge of their own learning. Plus, it’s fun!

Since I teach kindergarten through eighth grade, I’ve designed my curriculum to guide my students through different levels of the Spanish language. Each year, they grow their knowledge by learning new aspects of the language. Using Duolingo in my class allows my students to move forward as quickly or as slowly as they need. It also allows them to explore beyond what my course offers at their grade level.

Because students are accustomed to being entertained by games and apps that give them points and rankings, Duolingo helps to keep them motivated to move forward and try more difficult concepts. As a teacher I need tools that that can compete and keep up with all the shiny new toys this generation has at their disposal. Duolingo is my most effective tool.

Most importantly Duolingo turns learning a language into a game for my students. It makes learning so fun that they don’t realize just how much they are absorbing. Daily my students love earning the “lingots” to buy power ups from the store, and they have fun bragging about how much XP they have earned that day

Additionally Duolingo lets my students take charge of their progress. Students who track their own data and monitor their progress are more successful in the classroom. It is easy to see why my favorite thing about Duolingo is the “percentage of fluency.” My students come to class telling me that they are “14% fluent in Spanish” and they are proud. The “percentage of fluency” allows them to see their hard work pay off.

Not only do my students love Duolingo, but I love Duolingo because it reinforces my curriculum in a natural way. I love that they are excited to learn with Duolingo. It allows my students to see and interact with the words, phrases, and grammar. Together we learn on a daily basis. The more I learn about Duolingo, the better my instruction is. I think Duolingo is an amazing resource for teachers and students. I truly believe that any language learners would greatly benefit from this program.