See how Duolingo changed the game for this French teacher.

Nadia, a Canadian teacher, wrote to us about how she started using Duolingo with her students. The results amazed her.

How would using Duolingo in your class benefit your students?

I firmly believe in the benefits gained by using technology and well developed apps and products to aid in student learning. My hope is to continue to find ways to give equal access to that technology to students who are attempting to learn a foreign language in my classroom.

I teach in a low income district with incredibly special kids. Our technology products are often severely limited. Many of our students still do not have internet in their homes, and because we are in a rural area, a significant number of them are not even able to access a cell phone signal at home. For this reason, our ability and responsibility to put technology in front of them during instructional hours exponentially increases as we attempt to prepare them for the future.

My students began using DuoLingo for schools last year. My students enjoyed the program and the app on their phones and I could be directly involved with tracking their progress. The results were incredibly impressive. They gained far more vocabulary and grammar last year than they did the previous year.

I think using DuoLingo in my classroom benefits my students in a variety of ways. It offers them great opportunities to increase their digital competency while utilizing curriculum that will help them become more proficient in the target language. It creates a healthy level of competition between students as they add one another as "friends" and are able to see one another's progress. The benefits that they will continue to receive by the personalized feedback and practice is something that is absolutely impossible to replicate for one teacher with 20 students in the classroom. Differentiated lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels allows me to use it for each of my classes no matter which level.

I will introduce the students to the updated skills & activities this year. We still have program components we have not been able to explore yet. Class activities, the practice skills for the whole class where our skills are a bit less proficient, the flashcard and immersion/translation components will be incorporated this year as new features for us. I plan to generate excitement early on by offering a contest for highest XP's in the first 9 weeks. It will be an exceptional tool to grab some vocabulary early on that we can draw from the rest of the year.

So, as you can see my classroom is the perfect place to utilize a more extensive use of DuoLingo. I believe DuoLingo will continue to be a tremendous asset in my classroom. A classroom set of Ipads this year could only enhance what we already know - DuoLingo works, is engaging, and helps build language proficiency in fantastic ways. The Ipads are a huge tool to offer that knowledge more easily and equally to all students.

A beautiful partnership has already begun and I look forward to watching that grow. Thank you for the opportunity.